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Suchi S. just called to let us know she is no longer employed by our current client. She’s interested in having concierge service personally so I suggested she contact Y2 Errand Service directly. She wanted to make sure that JJ knows that she found her to be an excellent asset to the concierge service.

She says that she could just give JJ the house key and know that everything would be taken care of. She says that using the concierge service made her life so much easier for the past 2 years and she’ll miss having it. Please thank JJ for doing such a wonderful job taking care of this customer. And thanks to you as well.

2 Places At 1 Time, Atlanta, GA

“We have used the [home] cleaning services for a year; my husband and I have
the highest praise for the staff and for their cleaning and polishing services! The staff consists of “top shelf” ladies, and it is truly a pleasant morning each and every time they arrive. Their dedication to the customer, and their commitment to their cleaning services, is immeasurable! For the past several years we tried the other cleaning services and they do not come close to Y2ERRAND! We are extremely satisfied, and we look forward to many years of service with this team!”

The Locke’s, of Somerset, NJ

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