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Whatever your task or requirements, call us to get the job done.   Our professional errand “concierge” service staff treats all orders with urgency and professionalism.  

Pricing:  Our pricing plans are cost-effective and fits your needs.  Call to find out the rates. Gift Certificates Available. Give the gift of time! You will be greatly appreciated.

Errand/Concierge Services
Almost all items on your “to do” list can be managed by our professional Errand Running Staff.   We give you the freedom of TIME!

 Personal Assistant Services – You will feel like a CEO, with a Personal Assistant at your right hand to manage all your errands or services that you did not have time for. Call or email your requests  for more information. 

 Right –Hand “Office Manager”Need someone for a day, or a couple of hours, we have personal administrative assistants at hand who are familiar with word processing, and administrative tasks.  Call or email your requests to: for more information.  

When Projects/Office Management require Advanced Skills or High Level Errand Services, our staff will organize each project to your satisfaction.

Don’t see the task or duties on the above list just email any requests to us at and we will review your request. 

If any of the tasks are more than 4 hours for it’s completion, we will give you an estimate for the entire project. 

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